Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Corset Diet: Kim Kardashian's trick to weight loss

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With a wedding 6 weeks away, Kim Kardashian is reportedly sleeping in a corset to get rid of stubborn baby fat after giving birth to her first child. Kim Kardashian’s trick to weight loss is not as new or wacky as it might sound.  
The newly named "Corset Diet" is the same method that pin-up models like Betty Brosmer above used in the 1950's but then it was called waist training and it is believed to be how Romanian model Ioana Spangenberg achieved her now famous 20 inch waistline. 

According to some experts the Corset Diet can actually modify your waist 4 to 5 inches. 

Some other reasons it works is because it's so tight around the tummy that it limits your capacity of food and gives you feeling of fullness sooner. Especially true if you only eat when wearing the corset.
It will also improve your posture to elongate the torso's appearance
Before you rush to get behind this body modifcation trend you must know that not just any corset will do. Corsets are usually made with boning inserted into a flexible material. You may even come across the steel boned corset – it is the boning that keeps everything in place.
As if the boning were not enough, someone decided to add lace ties from top to bottom. Check out this film clip from Gone with the Wind when Scarlet needs to hold on to the bed to get into hers. Adding these ties could sometimes get the waistline down to 14 inches, which of course led to heaving breasts and popular “fainting rooms.” Yes, all due to the corset.  

For a more comfortable compression garment available today online check out the ShapeBand ($54.90) available at along with other sites for postpartum belly shapers or girdles. One more photo of Betty for inspiration sake!

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