Thursday, June 9, 2016

Yoga your way to a toned Model body!

Yoga has so many benefits, from increased flexibility, body toning, to the calming effects of breathing and meditation.  So it’s no wonder that it is often a part of many models’ fitness routine. Combined with another form of exercise such as running, boxing, pilates, dance, or swimming, it can really round out a fitness regime to give you a “model body”.  

Models need to be flexible to be able to get themselves into sometimes-awkward positions for photos – and then holding that position for what seems like forever! Yoga gives you core strength which really helps to be able to maintain these positions and to really stretch your torso, or arch your back.   Yoga also helps with balance, which again is great for holding those poses, not to mention helping you to be more stable when walking or standing in heels, which is key for models.

Amy from Jeans and a Tea ( ) shows us some amazing stretches that are great for flexibility, and even how to put your hair up in a twisty so you can look cute while you practice your tree pose. 

Setting aside time to do a proper yoga session can really help models to work on lengthening their muscles, toning, and strengthening their core, all while relaxing and stretching.  Breathing and finding your “center” are so important for stress control too, which is often an issue with models.  Being in the moment can be a really good thing.  Ohmmmmm…….

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