Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Easy Contouring and Highlighting Using the Top New Makeup Palettes for Spring 2017

Winter skin can use a little help in a glow department as forced heat, biting cold temperatures, and dry air can leave your complexion looking flat and depleted.  The new bronzing and highlighting palettes for spring have the perfect shades to contour, blush, and highlight your face to give the illusion of a recent trip somewhere warm and sunny. 

If you are new to contouring and highlighting and are tempted by these colorful palettes, rest assured there is one for everyone, and a few simple steps can turn you into a pro without spending hours and hours combing through complicated YouTube videos for face-altering instructions.  Do it right and you will end up looking like you, only better.

First apply your foundation and concealer using a blending sponge and angled brush. 

Next apply translucent powder to set the makeup using a fluffy brush.

Start with the bronze or darkest color in the palette and using a contouring brush, apply it underneath your cheekbones and above and along the jawline. 

Follow with the blush, applying it to the apples of your cheeks up to your temples.  Apply a little bit of blush at first and build it up until you have the right amount to not look flushed. You want to look healthy but not like you just ran around the block ten times. 

Finally, use the lightest color in the palette, the highlighter, applying it to the top of your cheekbones under your eye sockets, down the center of the nose, dotting the tip of your chin, and finally the center of your forehead.  Remember to start with a little and apply more if you need to.  If you go to far with any of the three colors you can always top them with a bit of translucent powder to take the intensity down a notch. 

Most importantly keep blending for a flawless, non-stripey look.  Stripes are in, but not on your face! 

                                                            XOXO Shelley

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