Friday, June 2, 2017

Model Alliance Event: Worker's Rights in NYC's Fashion Industry, June 8th, 2017

If you haven't already checked out this valuable resource available to all models in NYC then do yourself a huge service and check out the Model Alliance.  Started in 2012 by model Sara Ziff, the Model Alliance gives models a voice and fights for the rights of models of all ages in the industry.  They offer support in workplace harassment, agency/model relations including financial issues, legal issues pertaining to their modeling work and career, health and wellness, and advice for avoiding modeling scams.  Consider becoming a member and be informed about your rights as a model.  

The Model Alliance is hosting  "Know Your Rights in NYC's Fashion Industry" Thursday June 8th from 7-9pm.  Note that you must rsvp to attend:

With the recent passage of the Freelance Isn't Free Act, we want to help you understand your rights and the resources available to you.

The Model Alliance is proud to host our next workshop, Workers' Rights in NYC's Fashion Industry, presented by the Office of Labor Policy and Standards, a dedicated City resource for workplace questions and complaints. 

Given the multi-level structure of hiring in the fashion industry, many models, hairdressers, make-up artists, stylists and photographers share similar experiences with respect to financial transparency and accountability, fair contracts, and control over their work. This workshop is open to professional models and creatives working in NYC's fashion industry. Space is limited and RSVP is required.

Modeling is a business and you owe it to yourself and your career to treat it as such - be informed, be proactive and be smart!

                                               XOXO  Shelley

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