Monday, February 19, 2018

Cheat Sheet: Fake a Winter Getaway Glow with the Newest Beauty Treats

Spend ten minutes on Instagram and you come to the conclusion that everyone is either on a spectacular winter vacation, or they are prepping and packing for an escape to somewhere warm and sunny.  But a tropical respite isn’t in the cards for everyone and hearing forecasts of snow and cold temperatures does nothing for the sting of the constant barrage of images filled with palm trees, bikinis, and drinks with little umbrellas.  Ouch.  

We all know, really, that most of what we see on Instagram is a total fabrication and no one’s life is ever as perfect as they depict with filters, cropping, and angles.  Lots of people save vacation photos or even those of their family or fiends and post them with intuitive timing to give the idea they are blessed enough to be jetting off into a sunset somewhere, when in fact they are most likely holed up at home just like you or me, dreaming about sand in their toes and how pretty their pedicure will look in those beaded sandals…… 

Time for a few tricks of your own to chase the sun, even if that means a little pampering at home, followed up by some clever selfies and well-edited old vacation photos.  We all know you have to “fake it ’til you make it”, and the best way to look like you have been kissed by the sun is to get your glow on using the new crop of makeup products that you will end up wearing all spring and summer.  Consider them a good investment, including for your mental health and wellbeing since that actual trip to Tulum you’ve been dreaming about is just not on this year.  

Here are some of the new products I’ll be using, amped up for sunset-light selfies (using Instagram’s Mayfair filter of course, and shooting against a clear blue sky or in the last five minutes of light as it streams through the window), and toned down for everyday wear, making everyone think I’ve just returned from somewhere exotic:

 All products available at Sephora 

                                                               XOXO Shelley

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