Sunday, September 16, 2018

The New Red Lip: The Ultimate Classic Glam Look:

A bold red lip is a beauty wardrobe essential with a shade and texture to suit every skin tone and style.  It is universally flattering, powerful, assertive, classic, and most of all sexy.  It demands to be noticed and pairs as easily with a fresh, clean complexion as it does with a stronger, edgier palette, making it suitable for any place and any time.  It is the quickest way to amp up a casual look, to project power and confidence, and to add sex appeal.  It is just as appropriate in the office as it is in the night club, and finishes off a look like no other beauty product can.  So if you haven’t tried a red lip, what are you waiting for? 

There is good reason why so many iconic beauties of the past and present have made a red lip their trademark, and you can too. The two distinct versions this season are the matte red lip, and the 3D glossy look, and there are new products to help you easily achieve both.  

A red lip can be intimidating because the application needs to be quite precise but who doesn’t love a good lip pencil and the thrill of filling in your lips with a luxuriously textured lipstick or gloss?  Makeup artists have a few tricks to create the perfect red lip:

Choose a shade that works on your skin tone, either a shade with warmer undertones or a cooler shade with blue or plum undertones.  

Start by outlining the lip and then fill in the lips with the lip pencils as this will make the lipstick or gloss last longer and stay put.  Draw slightly outside the edge of your lips if you want to add a bit of volume but don’t go too far or it will be really noticeable, mores than the amazing red itself.  

Correct any little smudges or irregularities with a straight-edged lip brush using concealer.  

Follow up with a layer of matte lip color using a lip brush rather than just the lipstick bullet itself for  more precision.  

For a glossier or satin finish, apply a red gloss that isn’t too sticky overtop.  

Try these new products specifically formulated for a matte lip that aren’t drying or tightening  that on luxuriously, and next generation lip shines that have a vinyl finish, won’t budge, and have more pigment than previous glosses:

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