Friday, September 13, 2019

Covered: This Winter’s Best Coats You’ll See Everywhere That Won’t Break The Bank

It might seem a little bit early, but it is time to start thinking about winter coats and jackets.  When the wind starts howling and the snow flying it is so tempting to just wear the warmest thing you can find, fashion be damned.  That sometimes means stealing one of my husband’s coats that is so huge I can pile loads of sweaters underneath, or trying to get away with wearing my alpine parka over a dress because it is the warmest thing I have and I hate being cold.  This year I have decided to start early and find some coats that aren’t budget busters, inspired by the runways and fashion editorials, looking for styles that are classic enough to last several years.

Sleek and sumptuous velvet:  This black velvet quilted coat is as luxurious as it looks, and will be perfect with leather pants or skirts, lace, or metallic looks for going out. 

Plush faux shearling: this long faux shearling coat is equal parts classic and fresh.  It's like taking your favorite throw out for a walk. Cuddle up! 

Cocooning duvet to go: what could be more indulgent than taking your warm duvet with you? It's the perfect excuse to stay in bed on the coldest of days.  I'm going for a bright color for a fashion edge that will be just as chic as it is cozy. 

Luxe faux fur:  fur has a new image and it is so fake!  There are a myriad of styles and textures of faux fur coats and jackets now, and the options are limitless.  I am in love with this emerald green jewel-toned beauty that is rich and luscious. The hood is the icing on the cake.  

Forever classic: you can never be wrong with a classic belted wool coat in camel.  Stars and celebrities of the past and present know the power of the winter version of a style-staple trench coat.  Pure chic. Period. 

Puffed up:  an oversized puffer coat with a high neck says bring it on. This style's metallic grey color takes it up a notch making it versatile and sporty.  No need to borrow from the boy's.  

I’ve always wanted to winter coat wardrobe and this year with a little planning, it is totally feasible.  This way I’ll always have the right option for whatever I am wearing, and I will be warm - actually warm.  No more freezing myself wearing an inappropriate coat just because it looks good with my outfit.  Seriously though, suffering for the sake of fashion is so yesterday.  

                                                              XOXO Shelley

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