Shelley GoodStein


How old are you? 58 , flirty and fabulous. Yes, over half a century! The older you get the more people think you know, so I'm writing it all here at A Model's Secrets.

Are you married? Yes, and to a "younger" man! I have 3 kids from a previous marriage. I definitely saved the best for last!

What do you do for a living?  I am a girl who has been there and done that, everything from pharmaceutical and Manhattan real estate sales to currently modeling with FORD Models. Recently I added "author" and "entrepreneur" to my resume, publishing Face This: Real Advice from Real Models on how to look Picture Perfect! and launching Hidden Crown.

Where do you live? I am based out of Arizona, and must travel for most of my work.

Why did you start a blog? I started A Model's Secrets really as a way to promote my book, but it has taken on a life of it's own; steering me in different directions based on what women tell me they are interested in learning more of. This has launched to multi-media venues speaking as an expert in beauty, lifestyle and fashion, doing segments for television and print.

How tall are you? 5'9", 117 pounds

What is your workout routine? I am devoted to a private Pilates class once a week and jog when I can early in the mornings.

What is your all time must have beauty product? Lorac Tantalizer. My legs have always been my best feature, but my skin is so fair that this gives me the confidence to show them off all year round!

What is your biggest secret for looking great in photos, especially those close-ups? To razor off the fine hairs or peach fuzz on your face so that foundation and powder doesn't get trapped there drawing attention to it. Plus your makeup glides on and looks flawless! This tip also works for arms so that back lighting doesn't illuminate hair there.

What has been your all time favorite job? Booking American Baby magazine with my second son who was 10 months old ... little did I know I was already pregnant with my third at the time!

What media outlets have you been featured on?
  • Media: NBC KPNX Phoenix, Arizona Midday. ABC KGUN9 The Morning Blend. Better TV. 
  • Print: More Magazine, Cover Girl/Olay, Four Seasons, Travel and Leisure, Spa Finder Magazine, American Baby, LA Times, Phoenix Magazine, So Scottsdale Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Trends Magazine, Hyatt, The Phoenician, American Express, Canyon Ranch, Target, Aveda, Dillards ...
  • Online: Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., Authority Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Bella Magazine, PRETE beauty, More Magazine, Dr. Oz's YouBeauty.com, Makeup.com, Yahoo, AOL, StyleList, The Huffington Post, Minerva.com, SheKnows.com, Mental Floss Magazine, The Budget Fashionista,  ...

What is your greatest challenge? A type 1 diabetic for over 30 years I focus on the advantages of being healthy today and staying healthy tomorrow. We all have challenges in life. I am a beauty promoter these days, but supporting causes like this, in my book, is every bit as photogenic, but I know what's important in life and this is the big stuff ... so thanks for letting me share it with you! 

Most of my posts are either products that I have paid for and use or products that I have requested by a company to try for review, especially if they are items that are so new I can't get them any other way. I have been paid by Cover/Olay to be featured as an ambassador in their advertorials for national magazines. I also am the founder of Hidden Crown. My posts are my own opinions and thoughts on beauty that I find interesting and hope are helpful to anyone that stumbles upon my blog.


  1. Thank-you for your honest and actually worthwhile advice. I bookmarked your site!

  2. Love the blog! Would you consider sharing your typical breakfast, lunch and dinner?


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