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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Clip In Hair Extensions What you MUST read Before Buying ... a bit of a scam!

Clip in Hair Extensions - Weighing in with some facts you might not know.

Clip in hair extensions have become an easy, no-brainer way to add length and volume to your hair at home. However, buyer beware! When a clip-in hair extension company tells you that you are buying 120 grams of hair they are usually adding in the weight of those darn metal clips! And there are a lot of them in a set of extensions. Never mind the risk of setting off metal detectors at the airport. One well-known brand sells a starter set like this below with 16 metal clips ... which weigh in at 33 grams. So do the math:

120 gram set of clip in extensions
33 grams of clip weight

Leaving only 87 grams of hair.

For an easier alternative than clip in extensions with NO DAMAGE to your own hair choose Hidden Crown Hair Extensions. 140 grams of real Human Hair on a weightless wire, affordable priced that you can put on in less than a minute. Get yours here