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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blue Light Therapy Zit Zapper - Tanda High Tech Beauty

They say that beauty comes in all colors ... and so does the light we use on our skin. Blue light therapy is often used in clinics to treat and prevent acne and now there are gadgets available so you can do it yourself at home.

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One of the smallest devices using blue light therapy on the market that can really deliver is the Tanda Zap for $49. It uses the same technology as the in-clinic machines used by dermatologists and here's why it works.

A zit forms when a pore is blocked with oil according to Most of the time the oil will drain but if it becomes blocked bacteria are formed. One of the bacteria creating a zit is called P. acnes. It proliferates, becomes inflamed and swells. White blood cells rush in to try to fight it away, which is how you end up with a white head. 

Blue light therapy works on killing acne because it delivers oxygen inside the pore and P.acnes bacteria cannot live in an oxygen rich environment. Benzoyl peroxide, a commonly used OTC product used to treat acne works in the same way - by introducing oxygen into the pore, but it can be very drying to the skin.

No matter what your age, zits continue to pop up. I love the Tanda Zap to treat that unexpected little monster that shows up and I never travel without it!  This device is designed for spot treatment and has 1000 two minutes uses and can be used 2-3 times a day on the same area safely. There is also a larger version called the Tanda Clear if you are interested in treating a bigger surface area for $195. 

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