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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Winter's Most Instagrammed Hair - The Layered Lob

Ever get the urge in the new year to switch it all up? It is the perfect time to try out a new haircut, or color, or style, and this season’s most instagrammed look the layered lob with internal layers.  It’s versatile, suits almost every hair type, and is an easy look to take us beautifully through winter in to spring.  Think of it as the winter version of summer hair's sensual beach waves.  It's a look that says "my hair is naturally amazing and I just wake up looking this good".  But we all know it starts with a good cut, and if it is done well it really can be low maintenance and the easiest style to grow out.

The face-framing layers are soft, quick to style, is long enough to into an up-do, or bun for a workout, and isn’t affected by “winter hat-head”.  It works on all hair types from fine to curly to thick and wavy, giving shape and dimension.  Growing out bangs? This style incorporates the fringe making the transition look amazing and intentional.  Same for highlights which means less time coloring if that’s not quite your thing.  If bold colors are your thing then the layered lob is your new favorite style giving movement to your hair for maximum impact.

I’ve rounded up some of these looks from my favorite celeb hair stylists to inspire us.  Guaranteed we will continue to see these looks all over social media on everyone from celebrities, to the red carpet, to editorial. Heading to my hairstylist now! Happy New Year!

                                                            XOXO Shelley

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

“Glass Hair” - Get the Hottest Celeb Hair Style

“Glass Hair”:  It’s all over our instagram feeds and one of the standout beauty trends of late summer, and is surprisingly flattering for most women. Celebs and their hair stylists are cutting, straightening and flat ironing to achieve hair that shines, literally, like glass.  The style is not simply a bob that has choppy ends softly framing the face and sitting right above the shoulders like seasons past.  The new bob is cut to be blunt with sharp edges that are straight across without an angle, falling between the jawline and collarbone and parted in the center.   

“Glass hair” works for all hair types and the level of effort needed depends on whether you have curly or straight hair since flat ironing in small sections creates the most smooth and shiny surface of the hair that reflects the light.  Straight-haired beauties are the lucky ones who can usually skip the flat iron and get a shiny look using a brush and blow dryer. 

Hair stylist to the stars Justine Marjan -  @justinemarjan - has created some of the best versions of glass hair on her star clients such as Khloe Kardashian, Olivia Culpo, Ashley Graham, and Brittany Xavier, proving that this style works for so many hair types and face shapes.  It’s an updated classic that channels the early 90’s while being completely 2018. 

Choosing the right products to get the ultimate shiny surface to your hair is key.  Apply Kerastase Discipline Anti-Frizz Smoothing Spray section by section to towel-dried hair before blow drying to add shine and fight frizz.  It protects the hair shafts from damage from heat appliances like driers and flat irons while creating a smooth finish.  Ouidad Shine Glaze Serum can also be applied before drying or to finish the look by applying it to the bottom half of the hair to avoid weighing the hair down while eliminating frizz.  It’s reflective properties add luminosity and shine.  

*** Kerastase and Ouidad products available at  

For those who don’t want to commit to either the effort or the actual cut, hair extensions can give you the same look and add a bit of volume and weight for maximum hair swing-ability, which is so gram-worthy.   If you have ruled out a blunt bob for yourself or your hair is too fine or short, try a topper to add volume to fine hair, or crown clip in extensions for length.  Either way it skips a haircut and flat ironing, and is an easy way to play with the look without committing to scissors or upkeep.  Try Hidden Crown Hair Extensions to find the exact color and type of extension to suit you.  

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                                                             XOXO Shelley

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