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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Do Anti-Pollution Skincare Products Really Protect?

Environmental pollution and particularly air quality is a major health concern and our body’s largest organ, the skin, can quickly show signs of distress, from discoloration, dullness, and breakouts, to premature aging.  The skincare industry has flooded the market with products that claim to protect against pollution, but putting panic and urgency aside, what is the best way to shield your skin from pollutants and the stresses of everyday living?

According to the research scientists who monitor air quality in locations around the world both urban and otherwise, tiny particles known as particulate matter (PM) that register 2.5 microns or less are small enough to penetrate the skin’s natural barrier.  In fact breathing them in is far more of a health hazard than their effects on the skin as these particulates easily penetrate lung tissue.  Skincare companies are capitalizing on the environmental headlines by creating cleaners, mists, masks, moisturizers, and serums that claim to safeguard against pollution’s  damaging effects, but is that really possible and if you don’t use them will your skin pay the price?  Dermatologists have been weighing in and it is generally agreed that the best defense against pollutants is to maintain good skincare habits.  A regime that keeps skin well hydrated provides a natural barrier, so look for products with hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and lock in moisture throughout the day.  Serums containing Vitamin C fight free radicals, and anti-oxidants help undo the damage they inflict.  Keeping skin clean without stripping it of it’s natural oils prevents blackheads, breakouts, and rosacea.  A high SPF that gives both UVA and UVB protection is vital and should be worn every day despite the season or weather. 

Skincare companies are simply responding to people’s concerns with buzzwords, and formulating products that are just generally good for your complexion, so buying a product just because it claims to address the issue of pollution doesn’t mean you are having any more protection than if you cleanse, moisturize, wear a good SPF, and keep your skin in good condition. Healthy skin has less issues that can be exacerbated by pollution and poor air quality.  Keeping your skin healthy means not smoking, getting enough sleep, not over-indulging on alcohol, drinking plenty of water, and getting regular exercise, all of which will give you a proper glow.  

Buying a product just because it claims to prevent pollution from attacking your skin isn’t going to help if you don’t have a good skincare routine and if you have less than healthy lifestyle habits.  Cleanse, mask, use an anti-oxidant serum, moisturize, and wear a high broad-spectrum SPF and you will have all the protection these specialty products claim to have against pollutants. Healthy skin is the best barrier against environmental aggressors.

                                                                XOXO Shelley 

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