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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How to Pose to Look Skinny in photos for Great Pictures!

If you look at the photo above taken on my 49th birthday last week,  you are probably saying to yourself ...
"Well, I already have that skinny arm on the hip trick mastered, is that all you got?"
However, as obvious as this one seems, many women are still not using this pose to their advantage!

I am often asked by magazines for quotes about the tips and tricks of posing for better photos, and there's a lot that goes into getting a perfect photo, the lighting, the makeup, the styling. I'll be doing more televised segments about all these, but yesterday I got the chance to talk about the importance of posing for Arizona Midday - take a look here:

The skinny arm on the hip trick is completely overused on the red carpet because it does incredible things for women ... smaller waist, longer legs and creates curves. It's best if you choose the arm closet to the lens of the camera for this trick and remember to lower your shoulder. However, if you don't want to look like a teapot in all your photos, you can get the same effect if you understand why this pose works.

The basic cheat being used here isn't the hand on the hip, it's the bent elbow and separation of the body and arm, that makes this work. If must have light between or the width of your arms next to your body will make you look bigger than you actually are! You don't have to over-exaggerate it every time to get the benefit of this trick. Simply put a slight bend to your elbow and pull your arms away from your body. Or hold on to something, a purse, a drink, a  pocket .... It will make a massive difference in your pictures.

Placement of the hands is key. A model rarely shows the back of her hands. The reason? They aren't pretty and they look big. The sides are much prettier and dainty. Secondly, never clump your fingers together, instead let fingers relax and be apart.

One of the biggest mistakes women do is place their hands lower than they should when working this pose. If you do, the part of your body you will draw attention to is your hips, the widest area of your body. Instead cheat the hands up a little higher on your waist and this will give you the illusion of longer legs ... Nothing wrong with that!

Most of the time you will want to keep the weight of your body on your back foot, however if you need to fake some curves you can do what I did in the top photo and keep your weight on your front leg instead or try popping your hip toward the camera.

The other important thing to do when standing for a photo is to angle your body to the camera. We must create the angle, because the lens of the camera will flatten you out to a 2D version of yourself and make you look wider than you are if you don't! So angle yourself to the lens of the camera pointed at you. The worst thing you can do is stand front and center to the lens. This is why people say the camera adds 10 pounds. Face the camera and place your hips and feet at a 2 or 10 o'clock position to it. Then create a smaller waistline by turning your face to the lens, twisting yourself without moving your feet. Ahaha - instantly you have created a slimmer waistline too!

Practice. Practice. Practice. The mirror is your best friend and a perfect tool to teach you how to develop your own signature pose. Like I said in this video, if you try to emulate Taylor Swift's cross legged go to pose without checking yourself first, you may just end up taking a photo that looks more like you have to pee your pants instead of a young goddess with long legs.

Finally, with social media and sites like Instagram and Facebook, it's nearly impossible to get out of taking a group shot now and then, assuming you have a life outside of the world wide web. To get your best group shots just keep in mind that anything closest to the camera will look the biggest. If this happens to be you, just take a step back or hide a part of you behind the person next to you. And never get sandwiched between two people and let your arms flatten next to your body. Just remember the tips above and try to work in a slight angle and to keep some space between your body and arm for great pics on girls night out!

So many pictures, so little time ...  Hope this helps!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Makeup Tricks for an Instant Facelift in Photos - Without Surgery

One of the secrets in taking a great photograph is by always knowing where your light source is and getting in the most flattering light available, but there's a way to add light to your face too with makeup that makes your skin appear radiant and lifted when applied in some strategic places! 

It’s inevitable that with birthdays, our skin begins to sag, creating jowls and bags, so it's important to begin using highlighters, illuminizers, concealers - anything with light reflecting properties in precise, but subtle places that will play tricks to make anyone looking at you view your face with an upward glance instead, in keeping with a youthful appearance.

The secret is making sure that whatever you are using is pearlized and luminescent, not sparkly or metallic and can be as simple as that white-piink-gold shimmery eye shadow that you probably have in an old makeup palette. You want to think of adding "highlights" to your face.

Many of us already use this trick in the inner corner of the eyes and under the brow, but it is also important to use these same light reflecting principles on top of the highest part of our eyebrow arch. Not just under the eyebrow but a touch of light on top of the brow line to instantly draw anyone’s glance at you upward for an instant eye lift! 

As we age there is also a hollowing that seems to occur in the area outside the corner of the eye. This is why you don't want any eye-shadow to live below the outer corner of the eye. This too, can be a perfect place to highlight. Plus, reserve any heavy eyeliner for only the upper eyelid, to keep attention away from any under eye bags.

My all time favorite, most versatile product to use for this is YSL's Touche Eclat. It is one of the most popular buys in the beauty industry, but honestly one of the most misunderstood products even though it is legendary! It lives a dual life often bought as a concealer, when it's actually a highlighter and skin brightener. That's why I love it though - it works under the eye to reflect light and minimize dark circles, highlights and covers - it's especially great in your purse for touch ups.

Aging literally sucks the life, or collagen, right out of your cheekbones with the apples of your cheek appearing lower, pulling your face down. We must apply our makeup differently as we age, especially blush. Using little circles of blush on the apples of your cheeks will only highlight the situation, so sweep blush from the highest part of your cheekbones up toward the temples, or hairline, in a “C” like shape to bring the eye into an upward focus. Warm pinks and peach will make you look youthful. I really love the cream blushes and stains because powders tend to settle into fine lines.

For a slimmer nose, you can contour using bronzer down the sides and a bit of highlighter down the center to accentuate. And I always hit the tip of my nose with the last sweep from my brush of bronzer or blush to give the illusion of an ever so slightly (shorter) button nose. By the way, for those of you who have bought into the Pinnochio fairy tale that your nose grows as you age, I want you to know that your nose doesn't grow once you become an adult. However, it can change as you age or droop when elastin and collagen break down. Also in pregnancy noses can swell and appear wider due to sinus inflammation and weight gain.

Finally, youthfulness is associated with those bee stung lips, but careful with the fillers or you might look end up looking like a duck. Instead, line the upper lip with a pencil in the same pinky/nude shade as your natural lip, but instead of outlining the cupid’s bow perfectly, draw straight across it and blur the line with your finger. I don’t know why this little trick works exactly but it adds fullness to your lip line naturally! Finish with a rosy pink lipstick ...everyone looks youthful and good in this color!

Tightlining - Another trick to make your eyes stand out CLICK {HERE} to read how!