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Monday, November 20, 2017

Festive Accessories for the Ultimate Holiday Hair

Nothing says holiday beauty like adding a bit of bling to your hair for a glamorous finishing touch.  It’s the perfect time to channel your inner princess and get away with it.  Mini tiaras, bejeweled headbands and clips, ribbons, and brooches are all the sparkle you need.  Braids, embellishments, full and natural, and sleek, simple styles are all good options, depending on the occasion and your skill level. 

Hair jewelry is more versatile than you think and there is a way to achieve a glam look whether your style tends to be uptown or downtown.  The best looks are unfussy, and neither stiff nor precious.  The hair accessory should feel like a charming and festive afterthought, and not the focal point of your look. 

Be inspired but these gorgeous runway and editorial looks to create your won holiday fantasy style.  Create your own hair jewelry by using rhinestone brooches pinned into up-dos, or attach a brooch to a headband.  Weave luxurious ribbons through braids, or faux pearls and beaded strands through your hair and hold in place with pins. 

It’s holiday hair taken up a major style notch, with easy, fresh, modern style that adds festive glam to your look. 

                                                               XOXO Shelley

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hair Jewelry for the Ultimate Holiday Sparkle!

If ever there was a season to rock a tiara or to bedazzle your hair, it is the holiday season.  Dreaming of a prima ballerina moment wearing a pearled headband, or feeling like an exotic princess? Add some sparking embellishment and this is holiday hair done WAY better!

Many designers from Chanel to Dolce et Gabana, Alexander McQueen and Rodarte, have all tapped into the idea of fantasy hair, giving us another focal point to adorn, oftentimes right along with jeweled chokers AND chandelier earrings.  No need to go all out if you are a little less bold, though, as there are smaller pieces like hair brooches that are just as enchanting. 

If you love nothing more than the full on eye-catching twinkle of multiple pieces and statement tiaras then now is your time to shine.  Dolce et Gabana’s headpieces go all out in Italian style that channels the adornments on religious statuary, and noble family heirlooms worn all at once for maximum impact. 

The East-Indian-inspired pieces at Chanel’s Pre Fall 2012 runway show followed center parts of the model’s hair and trickled down onto their foreheads with pearls and rhinestones set into metallic gold and silvers.  This concept could work for a boho bride who wantes something less traditional than the classic pearled headband. 

Some of the hair embellishments have a 1920’s style to them, which feels like pure decadence during prohibition – oh la la!

An inexpensive and easy to purchase hair accessory can be found at Hidden Crown and attaches with the same clips used in temporary clip in extensions called their Crown Jewels. For $20 you get a very regal look! Here is the link to purchase : Hidden Crown Jewels

Prepare for lots of attention in these sparklers and go right ahead and have your Dutchess Kate moment! You know you want to!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hair Tattoos Where to Buy and How to Use Them - Trend Maker Kylie Jenner

Photo via Instagram

 !Well, it was just a matter of time really

The glittery and shimmery tattoos you've been seeing all summer long now have a different application ... for your hair, and the brand Scunci is the first to market it this way.

It's really best if your hair is straight in order to show them off. 
Applied just like they are to the body they are as Easy as 1-2-3. Watch below.

1. Cut out the tattoo  Press the design side down against your hair
2. Using a damp cotton ball or wet napkin wet the top of the tattoo
3. Press and Peel off backing

[To remove just wash your hair - or hair serum to loosen without showering.]

Photo via Instagram
Scunci hair tattoos Available for $4.99 at Ulta, Walmart, Walgreens, and Target.

If you like these I can't wait to give you the details about these new Hidden Crown Jewels available in 2 weeks for $16.99 at

Hair Tattoos are Perfect for Halloween fun too!
Photo from YouTube Hair by Lori channel

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Best Halo Type Extensions Review Comparison - Model's cheat for Good Hair!

Modeling requires good hair! 
The secret ... Hidden Crown Extensions.

So many models, actresses and celebrities wear hair extensions, and the reason I love Hidden Crown Hair Extensions is because they go in less than a minute and do not damage your hair because there are no clips, no glue and no tape. The weight of your own hair pulled over top keeps them securely in place. 

Not only are these extensions by far the easiest to use ... they are the safest and per gram the least expensive. 100% real REMY human hair. Plus they are double drawn ... very Few companies offer this type of hair! It means that the hair is as thick at the top as it is at the ends. Hair as it grows gets thinner at the ends, but when wearing extensions you want the fullest and thickest hair possible. Hidden Crown is it and I wear mine for all my modeling shoots like this picture above. Color #2, darkest brown.

Long. Longer. Longest
12 inch, 16 inch, 20 inch Hidden Crown Hair
Color #60 - platinum blonde

Friday, December 27, 2013

Hair Jewelry Using a Vintage Brooch

Most of us have an heirloom from our mothers or grandmothers that includes a very ornate brooch that we keep ... but never really wear. 

I recently went to a black tie gala and my husband and I were channeling a little Great Gatsby, so I attached a flower pin to a simple headband and finished the look off with a string of pearls.

For New Year's Eve why not add a little sparkle to your simple soft wave with a vintage pin or clip earring worn in your hair?