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Saturday, September 8, 2018

This Year’s Model Uniform Gets a Chic Update:

New York Fashion Week kicked into high gear with a flurry of back to back castings for the world’s busiest models running here and there trying to fit it all in.  Gorgeous models were bombarded by paparazzi as they paraded into the Victoria’s Secret casting, long legs with long strides, confident smiles, and looking every bit like VS stars.  Even models who have booked the show in the past have to do the casting each year to prove they are still in peak condition and able to bring their A game.  Newbies have to beam star power if they want to stand out and be noticed.  Props to these models for going for it and putting their best foot forward when they are up against supermodels, all vying for a spot on the VS runway.  

Fashion week castings are an endurance test but that doesn’t mean the models can scrimp on personal style.  This year’s trend is much more dressed up than in years past with the models wearing chic blouses, shorts, mini skirts and off the shoulder looks.  Strappy high heels and booties are a model-must-have for castings and show off the legs.  Most models stick to black and white styles, denim, and leather.  Adding a bold color guarantees she won’t go unnoticed. This year’s purses tend to be small with a shoulder strap.  The model uniform this season is classic and strong with an emphasis on a more sophisticated look than we have seen in the past, as the models up their game, proving they are the right choice for designers to represent their brands.  

New faces and model hopefuls can learn a lot from these pros on how to dress to approach agencies, to go on castings, and to present their own “brand’ in the best possible light.  Great hair and very light makeup are all you need to finish off the look.  Look like a pro and they will know you are treating your modeling aspirations as the business that it is.  Fake it until you make it.  Show you belong in the business and have respect for the professionals with whom you wish to work.  

 Good luck girls! We hope to see you on the runaway! 

                                                            XOXO Shelley

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