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Friday, December 18, 2015

Holiday HAUL from Ulta Beauty I Shelley Goodstein for Arizona Midday

Big thanks to Arizona Midday for my favorite annual Holiday beauty segment.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

MakeUp Detox and Spring 2013 Makeup Trends

I always think of January as a time to get uber organized for the new year, and there's still a few days left to begin one last project so why not detox your makeup bag ... Decide what to toss, what to keep and what you should be buying new for Spring 2013!

First of all, I recommend getting rid of everything you haven't used for the past year. Chances are you weren't so in love with it afterall! Especially toss your foundations for sure because they go bad after 12 months, but what most people don't realize is that the real foundation for radiant skin is actually exfoliation; not a product at all.

Watch my beauty segment from Arizona Midday to learn more.

As new skin cells renew underneath our skin, the surface cells dry out and begin to accumulate on top leaving us with lack luster, dull skin. In 60 seconds flat you can sweep away those dead skin cells with Clarisonic's new Aria skin cleaner. This little machine has won Allure Magazine's best in beauty products award for 2012 and for good reason ... the patented sonic (yes like your toothbrush)  technology engineers the Clarisonic's brush bristles to move 300 times per second for great cleaning and exfoliation.

Super versatile, you can charge this on your computer while you travel with it's USB plug. Plus it's waterproof which means you can leave it in your shower so it's easy to use every day. This is one beauty item I can't live without because not only does it allow serums and moisturizers to penetrate into my skin better but my makeup glides on and it helps minimize the look of pores by keeping them clean.

Blue was THEE makeup statement on the runway for eyes this Spring. Michael Kors sent girls down the catwalk with a floating blue liner while Stella McCartney used a teal blue underneath on the water line. While Nicole Richie at the Golden Globes sported a blue shadow all over matching her dress.

Just like 2 sides to a story, where the truth lies somewhere in between, we must interpret trends on the runway into a real way. I didn't like this blue powder in the 70's on eyes and I still don't. I think this made Ms Richie look old and is a good example of why you shouldn't take trends you see too extreme in real life.

Most makeup artists will tell you there are only two palettes of shadows that you need to have in your makeup drawer ... a few neutrals for day and darker shades for dramatic nights out. Of course they can put these together easily, but for the rest of us Smashbox has made a Photo-Op Palette with 3 shades for day and 3 to use for a smokey eye and narrowed down the best colors for blue eyes, hazel and brown. For $39 it doesn't get easier than that!

If you do want to add a pop of blue into your eye wardrobe this year, do it with a liner in navy, chambray, teal or aquamarine. You can mix it with a black liner to create a color cat-eye look like this, or line your lower water line or just the outside corners.

I think every woman owns at least 10 lipsticks in the same shade, so line them up arranged by color and get rid of the ones that are identical. This year the shows were filled with bright red lips so if you buy another lipstick this year, make it red! There is a red shade that looks good on everyone ... a true red. Mac's Russian Red is one of these colors, not too blue or too orange. Madonna made it popular in the 80's during her blonde ambition tour when she announced it was the color she wore and it is still a best seller today. Whatever shade, red creates an impact so if you don't want to go bold and blue on your eyes, then do so with your lip. Check out my post on how to find the PERFECT RED LIPSTICK {HERE}

Super false eyelashes have been on trend for awhile, but for Spring 2013 they are more believable but still artificially long. To create this look without wearing falsies use at least 5 coats of mascara. Start with a volumizing mascara like DiorShow which is powder based so it dries quickly giving you a triple shot of lashes. And then finish with a lengthening mascara like Cover Girl's new Clump Crusher which boasts the claim of being able to coat lashes 30 times without clumps. I actually took the challenge and it's true. Here's a photo of my lashes after 30 coats. No clumps, but I didn't get as much volume as I would have liked so use the two together and it's SuperLashes R Us!

30 coats with Cover Girl Clump Crusher.

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