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Monday, August 22, 2016

Miranda Kerr - Model Crush Monday!

Women love her and men adore her – Miranda Kerr is the rarest of rare supermodels with broad appeal across the sexes and around the world, and her ranking as the second highest paid model in the world in 2015 proves it!

Cheeky dimples, an easy smile, and an amazing body belie the fact that Miranda is a smart businesswoman and brand expert.  Not only is she one of the few to be crowned a Victoria’s Secret Angel, she has also authored books teaching self-confidence and self-empowerment, has her own top-tier beauty and skincare line called Kora Organics, and a charming and highly successful collaboration with UK brand Royal Albert with her own line of teacups and accessories. 

Born and raised in Australia, Miranda was discovered when she won a modeling competition for Dolly Magazine at age thirteen.  Years of commercial success in Australia and Asia set her up for a big international debut, where she booked advertisements for many high-end advertisements for various brands in New York, and exposed her to international photographers and designers. 

Campaigns for Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Bally, Mango, H&M, and editorials with such star-making photographers as Steven Meisel for the cover and editorials for Vogue Italia, and Mario Testino for Vogue Japan’s fifteenth anniversary issue have made Miranda one of the most recognized faces in modeling around the world.  Over the last fifteen years she has achieved the “golden egg” of modeling - a beauty contract, becoming a spokes-model for Maybelline, and has been the face of both Clinique’s fragrance “Happy”, and Escada’s “Joyful”. 

Miranda’s brand is everywhere and it’s hard to keep up!  If you aren’t already one of her 9.8 Million Instagram followers, you are missing out!  Mom, girl next-door, amazing international beauty, smart businesswoman, champion of women and girls, and approachable beauty, makes her inspirational and a true Model Crush!   

Miranda Kerr’s website:

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lineisy Montero – Breakout Star for 2016 ... Model Crush Monday!

Nineteen-year-old Dominican beauty, Lineisy Montero has had two banner years in a row, after her stunning breakout star turn on the Prada Fall 2015 runway – the only black model to walk for the legendary fashion house since Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn years before her.  Everyone wanted to know who was this new face with the amazing cropped, natural afro??  They know who she is now!

With her super high cheekbones, smattering of freckles, and the dimple in her chin, Lineisy’s face is instantly recognizable, as she becomes the darling of many fashion designers and magazine editors, including her campaigns for Chanel, Prada, and Bally, and appearances in Vogue, Bazaar, and ID magazines.  She has walked to runways for many designers including Burberry and Marc Jacobs as well.  All this after being discovered on a roller coaster in her hometown of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.  

Lineisy is a standout exotic beauty amongst the rows and rows of model clones and has made to sort of leap from new face to star face in true supermodel fashion, but she wants to be known for her work as a model first, and a black model second.  Whatever she’s selling, we’re buying! Go Lineisy!

Lineisy Montero’s Instagram:

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Caroline Trentini - Model Crush Monday!

This week's Model Crush Monday is Caroline Trentini - one of the hottest cover girls of the last decade who has been on dozens and international magazine covers, walked countless runways, and appeared in many print campaigns.

Known for her chameleon looks she transforms herself with fashions from the world's top designers and magazines setting her apart in the sea of beautiful. Even while expecting baby number two, she continues to dominate at the top of the model spectrum, season after season.  

Her expressive face, 6 foot frame, and dancer-like ability make her a favorite of both the most important magazines and photographers in the world. Editorial but equally appealing commercially for clients like Victoria's Secret and DKNY.  Not only can she move, transform herself, and inspire, but she is known for being extremely nice, a wonderful mom and incredibly professional - just another reason to adore her!

Caroline Trentini on Instagram

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dress like a Model - her Off-duty Uniform

I love seeing the online shows during Fashion Week in New York, Paris and Milan, but as a model I am secretly inspired more so by the photos of the models off-duty in their street looks, than on the catwalk in designer couture. During Fashion Week a model's influence seems to be greater on the street with the paparazzi following their every move outside the shows.

Yes, models are typically skinny, but many of them do not wear skin tight clothes. On the catwalk, models wear the most luxurious, expensive and newest designs, but it's the model's off-duty, street style that we covet most. Here are some photos of models in what I call the standard model uniform. To understand their choices you must keep in mind that they live a jet set life with early morning calls, running around town for go-sees, late night fittings and endless hours in front of the cameras often working in stilettos. It's no wonder that when they have down time they reach  for easy, comfortable pieces that always work with other and ooze a "I wasn't even trying hard" attitude, smothered in style.

Hands down the model uniform in NYC is always black and denim but in Miami you will see color paired with cute sundresses and shorts. L.A. models often have that laid back, eclectic almost vintage, vibe going on. One thing is certain, models create a certain msytique about themselves in a way that makes us want to know more. Here are some of a model's secret weapons when she is off-duty:

Hanneli Mustaparta
1. The basic model color is black of course because it goes with everything including itself for a monochromatic look, but when color is introduced you will notice that it is usually white, gray, ivory, camel, denim or a small splash accent.

2. Models keep it simple. Nothing fussy like ruffles. Always clean lines, nothing busy.

3. Jeans and a white tank, simple cardigan sweater or black leather jacket.
Isabel Goulart

4.  No overpowering jewelry.

5. Clothes fit. Models learn that fit, fabric and style are key. Off the runway you rarely find a model dressed trashy because even though she is skinny and could wear anything, she has learned that it is far more sexy to look and feel the fabric move over her body, flowing in the wind. You may think wearing baggy clothes to cover your bottom is hiding it but it is really drawing more attention and making it stand out.

Iman Chanel
7. Vintage. If you have something from a great designer keep it and recycle it by altering it to transform it for your own style. This goes for anything you love in your closet that you haven't worn for awhile.

8. Experiment. A model takes chances by making a statement with her clothing choices. If you are standing up straight with confidence, no one will question what you're wearing.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
9. Fresh Face. Makeup is natural. Concealer, mascara, gloss and go!

10. Flat boots. Perfect for over arched feet posing in heels all day long. Models tuck jeans and leggings in them or wear them with black tights and a short skirt.

Jourdan Dunn
11. A Large Tote. Have you ever notice how when you carry a larger bag it makes you look smaller? Plus it can carry everything needed for your next casting!

There are times when random strangers have asked me if I am a model, which got me to thinking .... What is it that gives someone that "model look"? I have modeled on and off my whole life, on hold at times for marriages, kids, careers and other interests, but I have always held out that modeling bend and I think it shows!

Last year I was in New York City where high fashion models live and walk the streets everywhere. While trying to get to my friend's house on Long Island, there was a wind storm that ripped down trees blocking the road to her house. So I parked my car and got out to walk when a fireman made his way to me asking where I was going and "ahem, are you a model?" I know you think he just wanted my number, but I was wearing my wedding ring and so was he, making me think he was legit! I had just finished a big modeling job in the city that week and was definitely feeling that NYC model thing inside me and looking the part. I had little makeup on and my hair was pulled back in a low ponytail, wearing a short white tank style dress that fit perfectly.

All models have a signature style based around their best feature. Mine have always been my legs, so of course my dress was short, and with some cork heeled sandals I looked like I had legs for days ... definitely a model-ly look for sure. I was still wearing the confidence of my big job in the city and it was obviously shining through! Everyone should know what it is you love best about your body and make every outfit revolve around that, not being afraid to show it off. When you carry yourself with confidence it begs asking the question "who are YOU?" because you vibrate at a different frequency and people can't help but notice!

Whatever else you are in life, you can still manage to look like a model if you want to. And to prove it, here is Karolina Kurkova, the Czech Victoria Secret supermodel, on mom duty. She is still a model trendsetter in these flared jeans, while she walks with her son Tobin.

Determining what to wear every day is a challenge we all face, but if you want to look like a model take her cues and invest in basic, well-fitting, key pieces that you can wear with everything. It's extremely important to stay true to your personality when finding your signature style. And whenever you walk, even if it's not on a runway, stand tall with  an inner confidence and the aura of a just might get a tap on your shoulder by a stranger asking you "Are you a model?" because you can see that it's not about expensive designer clothing, it's about the girl wearing a well put together, stylish look. No fidgeting allowed!

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