Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Panty liners for your Shoes!! What to carry in your purse for NYE.

Make sure to throw a couple panty liner's in your New Year's clutch tonight ... an essential for the obvious reasons, but these also make the perfect shoe pad for a night spent in heels~

WATCH the entire VIDEO {HERE}
My top picks for what to throw in a small clutch for NYE!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holiday Photography Tips - Family and Kids!

As a mom I am often asked by others in pursuit of the perfect holiday shot or family picture for tips and insight. Recently  I shared just such advice with SheKnows.com for a feature with other moms who have a passion for photography and photos. You can read the whole article {HERE}

When it comes right down to it - the one awesome shot you will love forever and ever is usually one that happens by chance, so always be ready and click away to capture the moment. If you missed it during Christmas, don't put away the camera yet because the kids are off school for another week and you still have New Year's Eve! 

As I told SheKnows ...

"Don't be overly concerned about the messy hair or skinned knees. These photos are for you — to document your life. And if you decide to send out holiday cards... well, your real friends don't judge! Be yourself, and let the love for your family show through genuinely. These are the shots people talk about!"

Friday, December 27, 2013

Hair Jewelry Using a Vintage Brooch

Most of us have an heirloom from our mothers or grandmothers that includes a very ornate brooch that we keep ... but never really wear. 

I recently went to a black tie gala and my husband and I were channeling a little Great Gatsby, so I attached a flower pin to a simple headband and finished the look off with a string of pearls.

For New Year's Eve why not add a little sparkle to your simple soft wave with a vintage pin or clip earring worn in your hair?