Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Future's So Bright!

Sunglasses are thee IT accessory at the beach, but they are equally important when hiding from the paparazzi and covering dark circles from a sleepless night. These cat-eye sunnies by Victoria Beckham are my newest obsession and this feline, Retro trend is showing up everywhere for Summer 2011.

When choosing YOUR perfect frame, keep your face shape in mind to bring balance to your features. People with round faces should stick with square or rectangle shaped glasses that sharpen lines and add definition to your face, while square shaped faces look great with rounded frames.

Also keep in mind your coloring when choosing your perfect sunglasses. Yellowish/warm skin tones look best in gold, tortoise or brown colors while Cooler/bluish skin tones look best in silver, black or blue colors.

Finally, size does matter! Your sunglasses can be larger than regular glasses but need to be in proportion to your head making sure they don't reach too far beyond your temples. If your face is long or you have a larger head,  the oversized frame was made especially for you!

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