Sunday, June 19, 2011

DrugStore Beauty on a Budget!

It is easy to spend lots of $$$ for great beauty products, but it's always fun to get a deal! There are some products that I think are definitely worth the splurge, like a concealer that blends perfectly to your skin tone and brand name eye shadows that are rich and adhere better, but sometimes just because it costs more and comes in fancy packaging does not mean it performs better. Here are some of my favorite steals available at your corner drugstore (and you'll still have change left over to buy some chocolate!)

Many great lipsticks have ingredients that allow them to really last and be long wearing, but lip glosses don't require so many to really SHINE! Try Sally Hansen Diamond 12 hour lip treatment for just $2.99, it's like a drugstore version of MAC's lipglass.

To liven up your hair color and to add shine John Frieda's Color Glaze at less than $10 is a real bargain considering you can use it more than once and is much less expensive than the $75 you'd pay at his NYC Salon for this glossing treatment.

Almost every makeup artist on every photo shoot I go to uses this mascara in the pink tube. For less than $5 it is a total WIN! There are few differences in high end brands since basically all mascara formulas are the same. What makes the biggest difference is the wand. Most all brands are switching from the nylon bristled wands to plastic or rubber ones so that any mascara you use will be clump free, but here's what you should know:

1. A curved brush gives you more lift.
2. A comb style brush will separate more.
3. A smaller brush will coat each lash.
4. Bigger brushes will put more color on your lashes but require a bigger tube that will dry out faster.

Be sure you are replacing your mascara every 3 months because of bacteria/ drying out, and clean off your wand to avoid clumping.

The pros know that great makeup brushes are the place to start for perfect makeup application! Sonia Kashuk, available at Target, is consistently known for her awesome, high quality brushes that are extremely soft and non-shedding. I love this flat blusher brush which is very dense and works great for powder. I would compare this to my favorite MAC brushes that go for over $50, but at $15 - this is definitely a MUST HAVE!

If you are looking to add a little drama to your eyes, individual lashes are your ticket! Ardell gets this done on the cheap with amazing individual lashes that lay flat and are virtually undetectable when used at the corner of your eyes.

Think you can't put them on yourself? Watch this short video by my friend Janine from Beauty Geeks to see just how easy it can be!

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  1. Thanks for the tips Shelley! I've never tried a hair glaze so will give it a shot since it's such a bargain AND you recommend it! Keep the $$$ saving tips coming!!


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