Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Travel Beauty

Models are travel show super stars, often jet setting and keeping long hours ... here are some of their tips to pack along for your next vacation.

July 4th is the time we really dig into Summer! BBQ's, beach trips and lots of travel. Whether you're driving to that family reunion or getting on board the plane, looking your best and traveling do not always go hand in hand. What to do when you are on the go:

1. Hydrate and Moisturize. The day before be sure to drink lots of water and put an extra dose of moisturizer on  the night before you fly to avert some of the dehydrating effects of the cabin pressure.

2. Skip the heavy makeup.  Instead, use a primer which is silicone based to put a layer of protection on your face and keep any makeup you do wear in place. Use a tinted moisturizer and add a little concealer on any uneven spots/redness instead of foundation. It is inevitable that you will snooze for awhile so to avoid mascara traveling down your cheek, go without, or use a waterproof formula. Creamy eye shadows also tend to become displaced.

3. Since you cannot travel with liquids be sure and pick up a travel size pack of baby wipes to use for any facial makeup mishaps and also to keep your hands clean. Try to not touch your face alot during your travel to avoid breakouts from bacteria you unknowingly pick up. Be sure and use your wipes before applying any makeup in transit to protect your skin from whatever is on your fingers.

4. Pass on the alcohol, because it will dehydrate your skin and make your face look puffy, but stow away a travel sized vodka if you're offered one and mix it with your shampoo for super shiny hair the next day on your trip.

5. Reading and watching back to back movies compounded with the dryness of the plane will leave your eyes stinging. Apply some ice under your eyes for a wake up call along with lubricating drops and Visine to bring back your twinkle.

6. To refresh your face, never put on more make up or powder, instead use a mist with glycerin (just water will evaporate and dry out your skin) and pack blotting or rice papers to soak up the shine without drying out your skin more.

7. Add some shimmer right before you arrive using a highlighter (creamy pen or powder) on your brow bone, top of your cheek bone, right above the cupid bow of your lip, and your collar bone to perk up your complexion. Finish with a nice glossy lip!

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