Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stress can make you look OLD

Are you starting to show your age or worse … look older than you actually are? Avoiding anxiety is one of the easiest ways to “cheat your biological clock” according to research published by Bahman Guyuron in the medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Female identical twins were studied to see what factors made one look older than the other.  Women that underwent the stress of a divorce were perceived to look almost 2 years older than their sister who was married, single or widowed.  Take home message girls: You are better off staying single than ending up in a bad relationship.

They also found that extra weight over forty helped to soften wrinkles in the face but the added pounds under forty caused skin to sag and obscure youthful features like a smooth jawline. It’s often been said that as a woman ages she must choose between her body and her face. According to Dr Guyuron, being thin is what ages us the most, "Excessive loss of weight can be detrimental to youthfulness and attractiveness after the age of 40"... leaving older women looking gaunt. However, thanks to injectible dermal fillers that can help restore lost facial volume, you no longer have to choose between having a big butt or a beautiful face.

Unfortunately, taking anti-depressants was shown to effect appearance negatively, finding that women who used them looked  “significantly older” than a twin that had no history of anti-depressant use. Guyuron speculates that these drugs tend to weaken eye muscles, causing the area to look droopy and relaxing the facial muscles to cause sagging or jowls.

Healthy living choices definitely made a difference in keeping a youthful face. Sun worshippers and those women that smoked or drank more alcohol, looked older than their sibling.

Sooner or later, the choices you make in your life and anything that contributes to a person’s stress will show up “written on your face.” Genetics obviously pays a factor in contributing to how we age, but this study, holding genetics identically constant, reinforces that how we react and the choices we make in our lifestyle (booze, smoking, sun) can impact that youthful glow above just DNA alone.

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