Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spilling Beauty Secrets that Celebrities Would Rather Keep to Themselves.

As a model I am constantly having my makeup done by different makeup artists. Each one has their own special skills and techniques they use to make their A-listers look stunning! These secrets seem to be reserved only for actresses, models and celebrities because they are so well guarded, but I am sharing a few of them with you that the rich and famous would probably rather keep to themselves. Shhhhhhhhh....

Just like a fairy tale there is a beginning to the happily ever after beauty transformation. And it starts with a makeup primer. Good for you if you're already using this under your foundation, but I bet you missed the confidential memo about the importance of using one for your eyes. You need to use an eye shadow primer so the shadow has something to cling on to and doesn’t crease up into the folds of your eyes making you look old and tired. The one I see used the most on set is NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base $24.

The other trick that makes your eyes look bigger is lining the inside rim with a white or flesh colored eye pencil. My favorites to use are Tarte's EmphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener $18 and Smashbox 'Eye Beam' Double-Ended  Brightener $22. You can highlight and brighten your eyes in one step. After lining the rims, you want to make sure to highlight the inner corner of your eyes and the brow bone. This added step is what brings the sparkle you see from the eyes in red carpet photos.

It is well known that olive oil is a healthy alternative to use in our diet, but it can also be used to remove your eye makeup. A study from the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology comfirmed that oleic acid, which comprises 80 % of olive oil, can seep into the layers of the skin and help prevent premature aging. Not only effective in moisturizing this delicate area of our face, if you use olive oil to remove your eye makeup you may also notice an improvement in your lashes. See my Going to Great Lengths blog post for why moisturizing your eyes will add to oomph to your lashes and watch this video by Michelle Phan using olive oil to remove her makeup.

If your teeth are sensitive to whiteners, try using another little secret that some of my model friends use for their pearly whites. After you are done brushing your teeth, rinse your toothbrush and dip it in hydrogen peroxide and brush again. Hydrogen peroxide not only whitens teeth, it kills germs and helps canker sores heal.

Using injectable fillers are not the only way to get that bee stung lip look. You may have tried some glosses with lip plumpers (my favorite is Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker) , but the problem is that they are expensive and only come in limited shades and formulations. You can achieve this puckered pout after you apply your favorite lipstick by dabbing on some ordinary peppermint extract or cinnamon oil, which can last for up to 4 hours, or use it mixed in with some Vaseline for your lips. It puffs by irritating the lips and dramatically increasing blood circulation. You can purchase the oils at a health food or massage oil store for about $5 and the bottle will last a long time. Just be sure you are not allergic by testing on your wrist first.

If you like being in the know, order your copy or download my book  Face This  where I share these and many more secrets to looking prettier in your pictures!

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