Monday, July 16, 2012

Using Bronzer to Contour a Slimmer Face : Kim Kardashian cast as makeup artist!

No matter how you feel about Kim's drama filled life - she is a girl that knows how to put her best face on for the camera and in this interview she shares her secret for flawless beauty photos.

Kim K becomes makeup artist in order to show her tips on contouring ... and her muse is the editor of Harper's Bazaar, Laura Brown. The products are the wrong colors for Laura but the technique is spot on when it comes to illustrating the how-to's of how to contour for a slimmer looking face.

Using bronzer to contour in all the right places is what Kim says has led tabloids to accuse her of countless plastic surgeries. The "3" method is exactly the way you should be doing it too, but be sure to blend and use the right shade for your skin tone.

If you aren't using a bronzer yet you should definitely be adding it to your beauty rountine! Not only will it give you that sun kissed glow during the summer, but it's a perfect product to use for contouring the skinny into your face! Think about the days you've been at the beach and how that little bit of a tan makes your eyes pop and your teeth look whiter. You just FEEL prettier.  Kim does a great way showing us the "3" method to sculpting along the hairline and under the cheekbones - like her or not, she is giving you straight up, great beauty advice here.

Bronzer has gotten a bad rap in the past as giving women a fake - baked on look. This happens when you apply it all over, so if you are using it for warmth apply it only to the high points of the face where the sun naturally hits you : forehead, high cheekbones, chin and nose.

Powders are the easiest to use and I really like the ones with different shades that you swirl together with a brush. To keep bronzer looking real, use a big fluffy brush and apply lightly, if you use too much product it will pack on too much color and look like the stripe that Kim made on Laura's face. Keep a light touch and go over the area again until you get the look you like.

Everyone's face can benefit from sweeping a little bit of bronzer underneath their chin to eliminate the double chin look and don't forget to hit the earlobes if you're wearing your hair back to keep from looking like dumbo with big white ears sticking out from your perfectly tanned face.


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