Monday, April 18, 2016

How to Look Better in Pictures and Selfies!

Get in the Best Light
Forget filters, if you can get yourself in the perfect light your photo will sparkle. Ditch direct sun - the magic hour, as far as light is concerned, is the sunset. Otherwise, look for what photographers call "open shade" underneath a porch or archway where the shade is completely even. A light source that is over your head like the sun or canned ceiling lights will cast shadows underneath your eyes. Sunset light is beautiful because it can light up the shadows underneath your eyes, making you look younger. If you find yourself outdoors in the middle of the day, place yourself to the edge of the shade so the sun is not directly on you and force your flash on to try to fill any of those shadows. When you are inside try to find natural light from an open window, or soft light. Face toward the light.

Angles are your friend 
Angles can be flattering to make your face appear thinner or to disguise a big nose, but think of twisting at the waist to look 10 pounds thinner - one shoulder toward the camera and the other back with the twist in the middle. And don't forget to suck in the tummy!

Turtle time neck. 
To get rid of a double chin and to elongate your neck, for your next photo imagine yourself as a turtle coming out of his shell. This feels awkward but it really works! And while you're at it remember posture - stand tall like a ballerina - shoulders back and then down.

Big hair
Hair is the one thing that is almost impossible to photoshop or fix in any app so it's important to get it right. Flat hair can make your face appear wider. Fuller hair will make you appear skinnier! Fluff your hair, shake it up and add some hair extensions like Hidden Crown Hair Extensions - they are the easiest extensions that you could every use and take a minute to put on. A whole head of hair on an invisible wire with NO clips and NO damage to your own hair. Get yours here:

Show your best side
We all have a better side! Studies have shown that for most people it's their left side. Look through your old photos on your phone - the ones you don't post. You will quickly see there is  one side that is the most flattering. 

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