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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cost of Beauty is Going up! The High Price of Maintenance

Beauty is Expensive, but just how much can it cost to maintain? Well, here's a bit of a shocker ... an annual outlay of more than $16,000 a year!

1. Haircut : $125 every other month | $750/yr

2. Hair Color : $200 once a month | $2400/yr

3. BlowOut : $50 | Twice a  month $1200/yr.

4. Botox: $300 lasting 3 months | $1200

5. Brow Shaping/Waxing : $25 a month | $300/yr

6. EyeLash Extensions: $150 with $50 fills every 2-3 weeks | $1000/yr I just about categorized this as an indulgence, which it certainly is, however, if you are a busy girl it saves tons of time! So I say necessity. 

7. Retin A : Cost $200 a tube lasting 3 months | $800/yr
My dermatologist says that everyone should be on a Retin A or retinoid. It is the only topical agent that scientifically has been proven to stimulate collagen production.

8. Microdermabrasion ($100) and Peels | $1200/yr
Facials are nice, but they don't go deep. It's important to remove dull, dead skin and to stimulate collagen in order to make your skin look brighter and youthful. The best way to get instant results is with microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Microdermabrasion works best if you are committed to once a month treatments - about $100 a pop. Peels require some down time  because your skin peels like a snake, but the results are impressive: Try VI peel $300-400 and the Obagi Blue peel $450-600 (more intense). Best to do once a year after the summer to remove sun damaged skin layer.

9. Teeth: Whitening $400, Invisalign $5000
As we age our teeth shift and fall back. To keep your smile many adults are now turning to Invisalign and retainers.

10. Manicure & Pedicure: $75 a month | $900/yr

11. Gym Membership: $60 a month | $720/yr
The extras? Pilates, Barre class, Yoga, Spinning -  each $18-40 per session

12. Sunless Tan: $40 | Twice a month $960/yr

Product faves

  • Moroccan Oil Shampoo ($25) and Conditioner ($24)
  • SPF: Anthelios AOX Daily Antioxidant Serum with Sunscreen SPF 50 ($34)
  • Serums/Moisturizers: SkinCeuticals Vitamin CE Ferulic Serum ($104) 
  • Hidden Crown Hair Extensions ($250) - Instant volume and length that you can put on in less than a minute yourself at home.


  • Facials: $100 a month
  • Massage: $100 a month
  • IV Vitamin therapy: $100 per treatment | $1200/year
  • Green Juices: $20 a week | $1040/yr
  • Crème de la Mer $310


  • IPL: $700. Intense pulse light used to even out skin tone and lighten sun/age spots.
  • Fillers: Restylane and Juvederm cost anywhere between $500 and $1300 per 1mL syringe, with one to five syringes needed). Total cost of treatment might range from $500-6500, lasting 9 months to a year. 
  • Thermage: $2000 - $3000. A nonsurgical face life using radio frequency for skin tightening, like shrink wrapping your face.  
  • Ultherapy on chin and jawline and eyelids: $3,000. A non-surgical ultrasound treatment that counteracts the effects of time and gravity on your skin.

Monday, April 18, 2016

How to Look Better in Pictures and Selfies!

Get in the Best Light
Forget filters, if you can get yourself in the perfect light your photo will sparkle. Ditch direct sun - the magic hour, as far as light is concerned, is the sunset. Otherwise, look for what photographers call "open shade" underneath a porch or archway where the shade is completely even. A light source that is over your head like the sun or canned ceiling lights will cast shadows underneath your eyes. Sunset light is beautiful because it can light up the shadows underneath your eyes, making you look younger. If you find yourself outdoors in the middle of the day, place yourself to the edge of the shade so the sun is not directly on you and force your flash on to try to fill any of those shadows. When you are inside try to find natural light from an open window, or soft light. Face toward the light.

Angles are your friend 
Angles can be flattering to make your face appear thinner or to disguise a big nose, but think of twisting at the waist to look 10 pounds thinner - one shoulder toward the camera and the other back with the twist in the middle. And don't forget to suck in the tummy!

Turtle time neck. 
To get rid of a double chin and to elongate your neck, for your next photo imagine yourself as a turtle coming out of his shell. This feels awkward but it really works! And while you're at it remember posture - stand tall like a ballerina - shoulders back and then down.

Big hair
Hair is the one thing that is almost impossible to photoshop or fix in any app so it's important to get it right. Flat hair can make your face appear wider. Fuller hair will make you appear skinnier! Fluff your hair, shake it up and add some hair extensions like Hidden Crown Hair Extensions - they are the easiest extensions that you could every use and take a minute to put on. A whole head of hair on an invisible wire with NO clips and NO damage to your own hair. Get yours here:

Show your best side
We all have a better side! Studies have shown that for most people it's their left side. Look through your old photos on your phone - the ones you don't post. You will quickly see there is  one side that is the most flattering. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

How to look like a Victoria Secret Fashion Show Model - 2013 video peek

Makeup by Margarita Potts 

Every woman has a little secret ... above is a photo from my own inner angel transformation last month.  

In just a few weeks, on Dec 10, the  2013 Victoria Secret Fashion Show that just taped a few days ago will air on CBS. I always look forward to watching because it motivates me to stand taller, wear heels, eat better and try harder with my own beauty regime. 

Here's a video of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show:

Don't be too hard on yourself ... these girls have advantages beyond good genes to looking this wonderful: stylists, professional makeup artists,  extra hair, and perfect lighting! There's a reason their call time is 9am for an 8pm show! It takes alot of effort to look that good! 

Here's a few of their tricks: 

What you might not realize is that most of the Victoria Secret models are wearing hair extensions. Models' hair is typically damaged from the constant products and styling required for multiple photo shoots and appearances. Watch this video to see how they are matching up extensions for one of the models, at minute 7:08 to 7:30. Most of us don't have stylist to help us every day so read on to learn about a new design hair extension that anyone can put on themselves in less than 30 seconds.

The best human hair in extensions to buy is REMY hair, it is 100% real and cuticle correct meaning the cuticles all lay in the same direction which makes it soft, silky and less apt to tangle. Because it's REAL hair, you can color it for a perfect match to your own, but a word of advice - because this hair is already processed you do not want to lighten, only deposit color. Lowlights, toner or all over color. Unless you can find a perfect match I suggest taking it to your stylist to color for you. Here's a photo from's backstage photos pass just to give you an idea of how many extensions are used in the show: 

Real hair is also measured by weight. For my own hair which is long, somewhat fine but lots of it, I find that 120 grams is the right amount to add fullness and body.

Clip in extensions are great, but they can damage your own hair sometimes and the tracks can be hard to hide so people might notice.

My favorite hair extension design is called Hidden Crown halo style hair extensions and it is literally a whole set of extensions on a transparent wire which requires no glue, no clips and gives no damage to your own hair. It literally takes less than a minute to put on and you just pull your own hair over top to hold it in. You can shake your head up and down - side to side, and it doesn't come off!

Here I am getting glammed up with my Hidden Crown Hair extensions prior to my own Victoria Secret-esque shoot. Order yours at

Photos by Zara Ashby

Victoria Secret runway girls and women in athletic competitions always get a tan on before competing. A tan will automatically make you look a bit thinner

Of course nothing can replace regular workouts at the gym and a healthy diet, but you can fake more muscle tone by applying tanner or bronzer strategically in areas that you want to define.

The trick is doing it in 2 steps. First an all over color and then a second layer or contour bronzer. For the second step you will want to add deeper color to the sides of your stomach - this is to make the love handles disappear. (Use this same concept for slimmer thighs) Then flex your muscles and make a line down the center of your abs and finish with horizontal lines to define your muscle tone.

My favorite self tanners are St Tropez and Phenomenal by Vita Liberata (the world's first 2-3 week tan!), for bronzer use Lorac's Tantalizer - especially wonderful to add some shine down the front of your shins.

We don't always have control over this, but one thing that makeup artists always make sure to do is add highlights to our face with light reflecting products, often using 2 different colors of foundation to contour the face. 


To perfect a  fuller pouty lip, draw a line straight across your cupid's bow in a pinky tone just a tad darker than your own lip color before adding your favorite lipstick - finish with a dab of gloss in the center. I have no idea why, but this trick gives an optical illusion of bigger more kissable lips!

Strictly limit sodium. and drink lots of water to flush out toxins. 
Eating can be as simple as fruits and vegetables as long as you stay clear from gassy veggies like broccoli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower. And avoid dairy and starches. Read a few more in depth tips on how to de-bloat {HERE}

One thing every one of these Victoria Secrets girls' will tell you is that they work out every. single. day. But models don't hit it hard core, many do Pilates, yoga and jogging. They tone, and watch what they eat so their weight doesn't fluctuate. 

If you're headed to the beach in your bikini and want your thighs to look their thinnest, skip the heavy weights the day before. Hitting the iron too hard can make lactic acid build up and make your muscles temporarily swell.