Monday, September 26, 2016

Model Crush Monday – Kate Moss, Act Two!

When you have been at the pinnacle of the modeling world for 27 years, fronted countless campaigns, appeared on so many Vogue covers around the world that even your agents have lost count, what is "Act Two" for a supermodel who is not about to hang up her stilettos and retire?  If you are Kate Moss, you gather like-minded creatives around you, bid your long-time agents farewell and strike out on your own, opening you namesake model and talent agency Kate Moss Agency.

Kate Moss has never been a follower, defining her career by being a style-setter referenced by designers and celebrities for over two decades.  After twenty-plus years being hired as the face of so many brands, Kate decided it was about time she profited by being her own brand, using her unparalleled influence to establish a model and talent agency on her own terms and representing not only models but singers, dancers, and personalities.  Notably absent from social media, Kate has just opened a new Instagram account @katemossagency hoping to rapidly build her following by consolidating the numerous fan accounts paying tribute to her. 

Being a fashion-industry rule-breaker herself by becoming famous at only 5’6” tall and single-handedly starting the era of the waif during the peak period of the voluptuous amazon supermodels, we expect that Kate will populate her agency with unique talent, breaking with traditional fashion and beauty industry standards.

It’s high time for a polar shift in the industry at large and who better that the very original Kate Moss to usher in a new era, again?  History proves that wherever Kate Moss leads, the fashion industry follows.

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