Thursday, September 8, 2016

Yours, Mine, Ours! What is the Real Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Products?

It’s a known fact that men’s skin care and hair care products cost significantly less than women’s, but why?  Women are spoiled for choice when it comes to beauty products and the only way brands can get our attention is with enormous marketing initiatives, costing them a lot of money, the expense of which is past along to the female consumer.  Research shows that women will pay more!  So who’s to blame: the brand, or us?

Lots of women know that when it comes to certain products the only real difference might be just the packaging.  However, there are some facts to consider when debating whether or not you should use a man’s product or a woman’s.  Men’s skin is thicker with about 25% more collagen that women’s, so some ingredients found in men’s products can be too harsh on our skin.  These skin differences also mean that our skin loses moisture more quickly, so women’s products are more likely to address these hydration concerns.  Men have more oil producing sebaceous glands making them more prone to acne and breakouts, so their products often contain ingredients to combat the excess oil in their skin.  Shaving exfoliates men’s skin so an aftershave balm or moisturizer needs to contain a good SPF to protect the newly exposed layer of skin.  Fragrance is also a key difference in men’s and women’s products but a lot of women actually find it alluring to have a more masculine scent in their body care products. 

Here are some men’s skin care products that women swear by, and wouldn’t trade for their feminine counterparts:

Yours, mine, ours.  Some things are just better shared.  Don’t be afraid to pay less! 

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