Sunday, October 21, 2018

Back It Up: Winter Body Skin Woes - Solved

It is easy to forget about your  body skin hidden under loads of heavy layers, but the season is  no excuse for neglecting the skin you don’t often see. Treating it with a bit of TLC now means you won’t shy away from baring shoulders, back, and decollete at holiday parties, not to mention on your wished-for warm-weather winter escape.  

Indoor heating and warm layers can suffocate skin making breakouts more common so use a body wash specially formulated to control it if your skin is prone to “bac-ne”.   Skin doesn’t get much of a chance to breathe post-workout in the colder months before going under wraps, so taking time to detox the skin and relax the muscles using the right products in the shower is time well-spent and as good for your mind as it is for your skin. 

Bi-weekly exfoliation is essential for all skin types to brush off dead cells, making it better able to absorb and hold moisture, and leaving it supple and refreshed.  The best new products suit all skin types including sensitive skin, and are deliciously scented.  Body washes with essential oils provide an extra barrier against moisture loss and give skin radiance. 

Sun exposure, hormones, and lack of regular care can leave skin looking older than it is, with discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles. Treating body skin with glycolic acid products reduces the appearance of these concerns and gives skin a healthy glow, just like similar products formulated for the  face.  The final step is to moisturize with a rich cream to give skin a youthful and firm texture.  Look for long-wearing products that absorb well and don’t easily rub off under warm layers. 

I’ve done the research for you and here are my choices for the top products to address winter body skin woes:

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The best part about taking a little extra care of your body skin over the winter months is that is feels decadent and indulgent, and many of the products have warm scents and rich textures, so spending a couple of extra minutes in the shower or bath might just become your favorite part of your day.  

                                                                  XOXO Shelley

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