Saturday, October 13, 2018

Found: The Best New Products for Winter Hair Woes

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Cooler days will be bearing down on us soon and the time is now to prepare your hair for the drying conditions of indoor heating and static electricity, and to keep it in good condition to create amazing holiday hair.  Think of all the selfies and photos you will be taking where great hair is non-negotiable.  If you need to touch up your roots or get a trim, make the appointments now.  It’s time to winterize your beauty routine and that includes switching up your haircare products for those that are formulated to treat cold weather haircare issues. 

Hair appliances can be tough on hair and add to any damage you already have, so using protective products and making hair treatments such as masks and leave-in conditioners a routine part of your hair care regime are key to keeping your locks gorgeous over the winter months. 

Here are my favorite newly-released hair treats available online at   My own concerns are strengthening follicles to grow my hair longer, serums to repair split ends, products to protect from heated appliances, and dry scalp treatments.  If you take good care of the condition of your scalp and hair you are much less likely to need products to boost shine, and your new favorite holiday look just might be your own natural style without resorting to up-dos or ponytails to hide damage or neglected hair.   

I’m starting this weekend - you KNOW beautiful hair is a BIG DEAL to me!  

                                                                XOXO Shelley

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