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Friday, October 3, 2014

Looking Younger after 40 - Get rid of Middle Age Belly Fat

Muffin top. Belly fat. Spare tire. Mid life bulge. 
These are the words that strike fear for women after forty. It is a fact that metabolism slow downs as we age, but decreasing estrogen levels are not the only reason it happens. Decreased physical activity, increases in insulin resistance and lack of sleep will all contribute to weight gain. However it's the loss of estrogen that can affect where those pounds accumulate. So fat around the middle is avoidable if you can minimize weight gain and improve your metabolism. Here are some tips on how to do that:

1. Exercise, duh. 
Make your exercise aerobic - and push yourself. The science behind this is that exercise at a sufficient level "anaerobic"will rev up you metabolism to burn calories for hours after your workout.

2. Drink Green Tea and Coffee.
Caffeine is a stimulant and it can raise your heart rate signaling your body to burn calories faster. Green tea contains "catechins" that can help burn belly fat and coffee jump starts lipolysis which is the break down of fat.

3. Spice it up.
Cayenne and chili peppers contain capsaicin which according to a 2009 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition increases metabolism and helps the body burn fat more efficiently.
Also read about the benefit of using Apple Cider Vinegar to Lose Belly Fat {Here}.

4. Power up with Protein.
It takes more calories to digest protein than it does for the body to metabolize fat and carbs. Think about replacing your carb intake with lean protein like fish and chicken.

5. Say no to Crash Dieting.
Eating less than 1200 calories a day may help shed pounds, but it can backfire if you lose muscle which will slow down your metabolism - making your body gain weight faster than it did before the diet. 

6. Increase your Sleep.
Hot flashes, night sweats, and the responsibility of caring for children and aging parents makes it harder to get to sleep and to stay asleep, but studies have shown that not getting enough sleep at night is associated with being overweight.  Sleep deprivation increases levels of ghrelin that can increase food cravings. According to a 2014 Canadian study published in Obesity, getting just one more hour of sleep per night reduces belly fat accumulation.  Check out the other benefits and ways to increase beauty with sleep {HERE}.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Apple Cider Vinegar - LOSE WEIGHT AND BELLY FAT!

Could the magic potion to looking skinny and beautiful be a spoonful of apple cider vinegar? I've been a fan of this natural remedy for some time and want to share the secret and the science behind why it works to help lose weight, belly fat, clear up skin and help your hair grow!


Recently a study showed that by consuming just 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (ACV) every day vs a placebo, resulted in the shedding of more body and belly fat. This makes sense because pectin which is found in apples makes you feel fuller and more satisfied. The pectin in apple cider vinegar is greater than if you ate a ton of raw apples and can help suppress your appetite. Consuming ACV before meals ensures that you will have more acid in your stomach, and if you make sure to eat high protein meals it makes it more likely that you will produce growth hormone that stimulate your metabolism while you sleep. I don't know about you but I'd rather sleep than hit the gym any day!


ACV can also reduce the time that fat will stay in the digestive tract,so that less fat can be absorbed to your belly! Plus ACV improves your body's utilization of iron which also helps increase weight loss by kickstarting your body to burn the food you eat as fuel.

ACV has long been used to help alleviate leg cramps at night too and it can help you fight exhaustion. These effects happen when lactic acid builds up in the body and the potassium and enzymes found in ACV can help reduce these.


If you want to incorporate ACV to help with weight loss daily the recommendation is 2 teaspoons in 8 oz of water 3 times a day taken before your meals.

The deal breaker for most people who are initially motivated to get on board the ACV train is of course the taste.  The taste is strong which is why it is used in ketchup and salad dressings. By stimulating your taste buds, you can then appreciate the complex flavors in all your other foods you eat so you won't fall as easily into the trap of adding more salt and fat in your diet to enhance your food. We all know that salt will make your belly bloat and fat tempts you to eat more fatty foods.
To make it taste better add Stevia, raw honey or agave to give a little sweetness. And then chase it with some apple juice.

These are the results from ingesting ACV but this powerful elixir also helps get your beauty on too when used topically:

When used as a hair rinse it will rid your hair of the gunk and build up left behind from all the styling products and conditioners we use. Simply dilute 1/2 cup of ACV into 3-4 cups of water and pour it over your head after shampooing. It will leave your hair soft and shiny and can promote hair growth by promoting a clearer scalp which is why some people use it as a cure for dandruff.

For the skin, ACV's benefits are endless. First it can be used topically on a cotton ball as an effective anti-acne remedy killing bacteria and can help restore the skins natural pH levels. Depending on your skin's sensitivity level it might be a good idea to dilute the ACV with water first before applying.

The sulfur found in ACV can fight aging, especially age spots if you use leave it on at night before you go to sleep. This is where you'll want to use it straight on, if your skin can tolerate it, and wait until morning to wash it off. After washing your face in the morning, use the ACV as your toner, diluted with water, on a cotton ball. This will help brighten your skin.

Swish and gargle ACV in your mouth and not only will it kill bacteria that cause halitosis but it will help remove stains and whiten your teeth.