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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Enter the 2015 More Magazine Beauty Search : WOMEN with MORE Ambition, Beauty, Style and Passion!

To enter this year's 2015 contest click [HERE]

5 years ago I entered More Magazine's Beauty Search Contest and was chosen as the first ever Grand Prize Winner. It started just like this ... I saw the contest and decided to enter. What happened next? 

I flew to New York City and used the money I won to self publish my book Face This: Real Advice from Real Models and began writing this blog. Winning also launched me back into the modeling world full time at age 45 with campaigns for the Four Seasons, Cover Girl and Olay. I appeared on covers of magazines and co-hosted a morning show for ABC along with becoming a nationally known beauty expert. And it all started with this single entry to a beauty search for More Magazine in 2010. I encourage you to enter !

Friday, October 3, 2014

Looking Younger after 40 - Get rid of Middle Age Belly Fat

Muffin top. Belly fat. Spare tire. Mid life bulge. 
These are the words that strike fear for women after forty. It is a fact that metabolism slow downs as we age, but decreasing estrogen levels are not the only reason it happens. Decreased physical activity, increases in insulin resistance and lack of sleep will all contribute to weight gain. However it's the loss of estrogen that can affect where those pounds accumulate. So fat around the middle is avoidable if you can minimize weight gain and improve your metabolism. Here are some tips on how to do that:

1. Exercise, duh. 
Make your exercise aerobic - and push yourself. The science behind this is that exercise at a sufficient level "anaerobic"will rev up you metabolism to burn calories for hours after your workout.

2. Drink Green Tea and Coffee.
Caffeine is a stimulant and it can raise your heart rate signaling your body to burn calories faster. Green tea contains "catechins" that can help burn belly fat and coffee jump starts lipolysis which is the break down of fat.

3. Spice it up.
Cayenne and chili peppers contain capsaicin which according to a 2009 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition increases metabolism and helps the body burn fat more efficiently.
Also read about the benefit of using Apple Cider Vinegar to Lose Belly Fat {Here}.

4. Power up with Protein.
It takes more calories to digest protein than it does for the body to metabolize fat and carbs. Think about replacing your carb intake with lean protein like fish and chicken.

5. Say no to Crash Dieting.
Eating less than 1200 calories a day may help shed pounds, but it can backfire if you lose muscle which will slow down your metabolism - making your body gain weight faster than it did before the diet. 

6. Increase your Sleep.
Hot flashes, night sweats, and the responsibility of caring for children and aging parents makes it harder to get to sleep and to stay asleep, but studies have shown that not getting enough sleep at night is associated with being overweight.  Sleep deprivation increases levels of ghrelin that can increase food cravings. According to a 2014 Canadian study published in Obesity, getting just one more hour of sleep per night reduces belly fat accumulation.  Check out the other benefits and ways to increase beauty with sleep {HERE}.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fifty, Flirty and Fabulous - Shelley GoodStein

I wasn’t going to celebrate 50 - this is considered OLD in the modeling industry, but then again I keep getting booked, jobs keep getting better, and I keep walking in runway shows with girls half my age. Plus the older you get the more people think you know and the more valuable you appear to be! Ok ... but I still wasn't sold on celebrating this occasion and then, last month I was seated next to one of my beautiful friends and we began talking. She asked me about my mother's age when she passed away. I told her "60" and remembered how painful the year preceding her death in her fight against leukemia was. It occurred to me that this could be my last "zero" birthday that I felt healthy, happy and beautiful … so I decided to kick up my heels and have the party of a half century! 

I do NOT believe in the “rules” for women over “ahem” a certain age. For example I still wear short skirts, sky high heels, and sequins – just not all at the same time! However for this party I wore all three!!! (But, I have learned to say yes to solids and no to frou-frou.)

What else I have learned?

  • I know that the truth always reveals itself. 
  • I have painfully discovered over the years that it’s not important to have the last word –victories are sweetest when you can avoid the battle. You can trust that the Universe will solve the situation. I have found given enough rope, well, let’s just say that the best strategy to defeat an enemy is to deny engagement to the person behind the fight. And you sleep better!
  • I believe good deeds will be rewarded with crowns in heaven, and as a  past beauty queen I can tell you I always feel prettier with a tiara.
  • None of us like the idea of getting older and it is important to realize that it is impossible to look 30 when you’re 80, but that true beauty does last; It lives inside us and is a halo that everyone sees shining brightly.

What are my plans for the future?

Supermom …  supermodel … Check in with me in 5 years as I am working on super-mogul! Visit me at A Model's Secrets this month as I will be posting the best of ways to fake, beg, borrow and steal the fountain of youth and not looking your age!

A quote from my adorable husband's speech from the party:
"She is a woman who makes 50 look like she is just getting started!"

"Beware of the brunette in your life because she has plans."

My life-sized birthday card!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Over 40 Best Makeup Tips - Change is good!

You've gotten older and so have your makeup techniques. Time to re-evaluate and update your bag of tricks.

Foundation & Powder : Do not go darker with your foundation so you feel tan. This is why God invented bronzer - use it on areas that are naturally kissed by the sun. Don't pale out; this too looks unnatural. The secret to looking younger while you're getting older is to embrace the skin you're born with and enhance it -  not cover it up! 

      P.S. Smoky eye or bold lip - never both.

Brow Highlighter : Avoid using a brow highlighter that's too light or white. This is so 80's, and will definitely add 10 years to your look! Especially if you have any hooding to your eyelid ... it will immediately draw attention to it (See for yourself in the photo above). A soft pink matte eye shadow on the brow bone will be your ticket to an eye lift naturally.

Eyeliner : Yes on top - it will make your lashes look fuller, and lift. No to bottom lashes - it will make your eyes look smaller, droopy and can draw attention to bags or lines underneath.

Nude lips : Yes, it's a trend but like all trends, not always a good one. Careful ... just 2 shades too light will make you look dead and that's never flattering. Choose a stain or pencil just a bit darker than your skin tone for a natural look and finish it with a pink lip gloss on top.

I partnered with Cover Girl in the video below for more tips on how to avoid common makeup mistakes.