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Friday, September 14, 2012

Drop Dead Gorgeous - Starving is NOT Sexy

Starving yourself - purposely not eating to lose weight, will actually slow down your metabolism causing your body to go into self-preservation mode. 

You may experience a short-term weight loss but your body will fight back by making you feel hungrier and begin to store fat, slowing down your metabolism. Eventually your body will break down muscle protein for energy.

What else is not sexy about not eating?

  • Loss of Hair. Malnutrition causes your hair to thin and fall out.

  • Brittle Nails. Your nails can begin to break and become brittle.

  • Bloating. Gastro motility slows and it takes longer for the gastric system to empty causing constipation.

  • Infertility. Your period can become irregular or may stop completely due to hormonal abnormalities.

  • Bone Loss. You may experience bone damage and osteoporosis even after a few months since the nutrients your body needs to regenerate are not present.

  • Depression. Due to a lack of iron from not eating, you may become anemic causing you to feel weak, tired, irritable and in some cases clinically depressed.

  • Heart disease. You can damage your heart. In some cases, dehydration and electrolyte imbalances can cause heart arrhythmias and death.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Skinny Fat - Ideal Body Weight Will Not Make You Immune!

Your dress size just may be luring you into a false sense of security when it comes to this subject.

Skinny fat seems to be a contradictory term, after all its what’s on the inside that counts - Right? Well, being thin doesn’t mean you're healthy! And this skinny girl, is here to tell  you that just because you are close to your ideal body weight does not mean that you aren't suffering from skinny fat ... models included! 

What is
skinny fat? Although not scientifically defined, here are some urban dictionary quotes to help you understand this concept:

“Skinny fat is a self induced syndrome where an individual is fairly close to their healthy weight, or even at their healthy weight, but they have little if any muscle definition. The sufferer generally doesn’t exercise regularly or is a habitual on and off again exerciser. The sufferer also generally doesn’t follow any type of healthy nutrition plan, rather they eat anything and everything they want.”

“This term is used when a person is thin, yet does not eat healthy or take care of themselves. They think they don’t need to watch the junk they eat because they are thin. They can be more unhealthy then an overweight person.”

And finally for the visual we have all seen (Yikes) too many times:

“Skinny-fat girls usually wear clothes that are TOO small for their 'not so skinny' bodies. A skinny-fat girl usually may wear a pair of low-rise jeans that are WAY too tight causing her fat to spill out of the top of her pants.

Primarily associated with the female gender is another pesky problem of fat distribution called cellulite. According to a study by Neutrogena, 70 percent of women have cellulite. Improving your diet and exercise is a perfect way to start repairing this uneven skin appearance. If your tummy, butt and thighs are flaccid and subcutaneous fat is layered on top of those muscles, it will contribute to the hail damage you see there. Losing weight and Resistance training or Pilates is a definite must for minimizing the appearance of cellulite.

When it comes to being fit, experts say there is no short cut! (By the way, save your money because cellulite creams don’t work.) If you want to be healthy you need to incorporate weight bearing exercises into a low fat diet and go for the burn!