Monday, December 17, 2012

How to look skinny and slimmer in your photos - the Camera doesn't have to add 10 pounds!

Well, it is true that the lens of a camera can distort an image, but you should use this to your advantage by arming yourself with all the best skinny model tricks you can! Hint: Check out my new book on how to look Picture Perfect!

Does a camera really add 10 pounds? First off, a photo is a 2D version of a 3D image and if you aren't in the right light the camera's image will flatten you out making you appear bigger. And then there's always that lens thing, a wide angle lens that has a short focal length can make you spread (as in widescreen effect) if you aren't adjusting and using angles to your advantage. This is what happens when we take self portraits with our camera phones. You know, that huge bug eyed photo of yourself when you are too close to the camera. The very best lens to use is a 50mm for true perspective.

In the end most photographers will agree that these mythical 10 pounds are mostly likely due to bad lighting and angles ... which is why the pose means everything! 

The worst thing you can do? Stand front and center, giving your belly the focal point. So if you're sitting, LEAN IN a little and if you're standing angle your body and twist at the waist leaning forward just a bit. It's a fine line between the lean and the hunch-back so keep your posture straight or you will look like you have a pot belly even if you have no belly at all.

Keep in mind that the flat image you see in the mirror is incredibly limited; facing forward to see yourself, and always looking slightly down. Usually you will automatically pose for yourself in a mirror with what you perceive to be your most flattering look, hiding a figure flaw or titling your head toward your best side. Even if you try to replicate this over and over, the camera won't see this version of you because it's your "mirror" image. It's a little like hearing your own voice, it doesn't sound like you ... to you

And always remember that anything closest to the camera will look the biggest ... so rock the hips away from the camera ladies! Oh, and buy the book.

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