Friday, December 14, 2012

How to Use Eye Liner - Primer Layering

Use your your pencil eye liner as a primer to make your eyes POP and give your eyeshadow real staying power!

It's important to give your eye shadow something to hang on to in order for it to last. The easiest way to do this is to use your pencil eye liner as a first coat. If you are trying to achieve a smokey eye take a dark pencil and work some of it on your hand and apply it from there with an eye brush, smudging it into the outer corners and crease. Follow this up with applying your eye shadow on top for a smoldering look.

I also suggest using a pencil first to draw on the lash line and then go over it with a liquid liner. It's so much easier to make a straight line this way!

And to reflect light from the inside corner of your eye, use a white liner first in a sideways "V" before applying a light gold or pearl shadow on top. This will help make your eyes sparkle all night long!

Shelley GoodStein

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