Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What to Wear in Your Photos

Hi, I’m Shelley Goodstein, author and Ford model. There are some secrets to choosing your most flattering clothing in photos and I want to share a few of them with you. These work regardless of your size so take some notes! 

Pick a neckline that is the opposite of your face shape.  If your face is round, wear a v-neck or plunging neckline to make it look longer.  If you repeat the roundness with a crew neck, your face will look fat and wider and give you a double chin.

The “Opposite Rule” is also important for faces with angles. If you have a pointy chin or a square face, wear a softer curved neckline like a U shape to balance out your sharp features.

There are 3 colors to stay away from in photographs.

  • Black has its place in high fashion, but most of the time in regular photos it sucks the life right out of you making you look older.
  • True white can make you look sallow. Instead choose a tinted white or creamy color. White picks up the color of the light around you so if you are under tungsten lights it can look yellow while fluorescent lighting can make the white look muddy grey.
  • Nude speaks for itself.  The naked look is never a good one for a photograph.

The best choice for photographs is to pick a color that is flattering to you in bright daylight.

Keep the background simple, and the focus on beautiful YOU! Remember that the camera sees all variations of light – from very bright white to the darkest black so if everything is dark--your background, your hair and your clothes--you will look all muddied together in your photo. If you choose something too light to wear, your clothing will take center stage and your face will become less significant.

Wear the right size.  Wearing something skin tight, no matter how skinny you are, will make you look fat. Clothes that are too baggy will also make you look bigger.

Pay attention to your undergarments. Bra straps that are digging into your skin will show thru your tops giving you imaginary back fat.

Your pictures should be about you, not your clothing, so you’ll want to avoid distracting patterns or garish accessories. Ruffles and pleats add volume. Sequins and wooly sweaters add bulk. So look for fabrics with lycra, silk or cotton that skim the body. Trendy clothing dates your photos so keep it classic and simple. And nude colored shoes that match your skin tone or wearing hosiery or pants that match your shoes will make your legs appear longer.

And those are just a few tips on selecting the right clothing options to look great in your photos! If you'd like to learn more you can purchase my book on Amazon or download it on your computer, Kindle, Nook or iTunes for only $7.99 {HERE}!

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