Friday, December 21, 2012

Sexy Photo Tips from the Original Supermodels!

We will never get tired of those blingy statement necklaces, especially for dress up but this holiday why not accessorize a little more elegantly with pearls? Victorian women were the first to understand the importance of a pearly statement necklace; timeless and never old fashioned ... Rhinnana rocked this look on the runway at the 2012 Victoria Secret fashion show!

There's a chance you probably have a string somewhere in your closet but even if you don't this is where you can fake it with an inexpensive strand from Claire's or Forever 21, it's hard to tell the real deal from imitation, especially in low light like at a cocktail party. Unless they are an heirloom, it's silly to invest ...  even the rich women on the Titanic, who surely could afford the real thing, left theirs in a safe and wore faux. 

Pearls not only are a great accessory, but the candle-like light they reflect on our faces enhance our complexion. And if you're lucky enough to be in a place that already has pretty, flattering light you'll look even ten times better!

Victorian women didn't wear alot of makeup but they knew how to do it right when it came to accentuating their beauty which is the whole reason to wear makeup in the first place!

  • They bit their lips and drank cranberry juice to stain their pout along with slightly slapping their cheeks with the back of their hands for a flush. 

Take a cue from your great-great-great-great grandmom, and before your next holiday photo, bite down just a bit to send blood to your lips to make them fuller and redder and pinch your cheeks for a nice rosy glow.

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